A better acoustic guitar stand

April 17, 2017

Acoustic guitars require special, humidity controlled storage to preserve their sound and structural integrity. The hypothesis that guitars perform better when dry is a myth and actually compromises not only the incrementally expensive acoustic guitar, but also the warm, soft tones it produces.

Wood is hygroscopic, meaning it relinquishes and absorbs moisture. Fine acoustic guitars are typically constructed using strips of wood, glued together, making them susceptible to humidity and temperature.

A few ways humidity and temperature affects acoustics:

  • High temps weaken glue
  • High humidity causes swelling and expansion
  • Low humidity causes shrinking and cracking
  • Radical changes in temperature can also cause detrimental expansion, contraction, and separation of essential components

To prolong the life of the acoustic guitar, there are a few ways to ensure good acoustic health.

  1. Start by storing the instrument in a case with nominal air access during dry seasons.
  2. Utilize environmental control systems, air conditioners, humidifiers, space heaters, and plants to help regulate temperature and humidity.
  3. During the driest seasons of the year, take the guitar off the acoustic guitar stand or off the wall mounted guitar hanger and store it in a case.
  4. However, if you want to keep it on display on an acoustic guitar stand or guitar hanger, you may want to employ the use of a guitar humidifier. You can get one that pros use, for real cheap. Follow this link from Reverb.com for awesome deals on humidification systems specifically designed for acoustic guitars.

In a properly controlled environment, acoustic guitars can be displayed all year round, free from the confines of a case. If you're planning on taking these precautions to ensure the longevity of your acoustic guitar, hanging it from a stylish GuitarGrip guitar hanger is a guaranteed elegant presentation solution. You'll be keeping it free from the dangers of leaning it on an acoustic guitar stand like rowdy kids, curious pets, and the occasional inebriated guest.

Acoustic Guitar Stand

Present your acoustic with some of our rustic designs such as the botanic Bella Rose, or the arboreal Entwistle, to really show off the natural aesthetic of the soft, warm, tone of an acoustic guitar. 

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