February 12, 2016


Whether you are enjoying your first glimpse of our products or are well-acquainted with our custom guitar hangers, we encourage you to visit our new individual item descriptions as they will help shed light on the production process as well as the artistic intent behind our various designs.

We are thrilled to introduce this shiny new blog along with a host of other exciting developments for the Summer of 2015. Spirits are high as our crew prepares to roll out to NAMM for the 8th year in a row.

The GuitarGrip team is primed and ready, with more new developments than ever and man are we stoked. Here are a few of the waves we’ll be making:

  • New, user-friendly, comprehensive website. It’s ALL here now.
  • Brand new company logo design…when you’re on a roll you gotta look fly, right?
  • Smoothly rendered cartoon Griptorials courtesy of the talented artist Kill Taupe.
  • Exciting new Grip design- The Toxic Zombie…vivid, intense, and just dead enough to do the job!
  • Re-designed cult-classic Grip Reaper…rest in peace knowing your axe is in good hands…
  • Re-designed, newly-named female Grip a.k.a. The Valkyrie. SHE is here and she is stylin’.
  • Opportunity to score a free GuitarGrip of your choice with our new Golden Ticket promo. Who will be the first winner? Hint: it could be you, brah.

These are just some of the great ideas we are bringing to the table this year as we look forward to making new friends and memories at NAMM 2015. We are thrilled with the strides we are making lately, establishing new markets in Germany, the U.K., France and elsewhere…collaborating with amazing artists for our unique Artist Series Grips…lending a hand (Grip) to benefit local charity. Basically, you name it- and we’re on top of it.

Thanks again for taking the time to enjoy our growing story, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, ideas, digital high-fives, likes, recommendations, shares…bring it!

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