Why Grip

Why Grip Awesom Guitar Wall MountGuitarGrip offers a new, visually timeless take on the conventional wall-mounted guitar hanger. We take pride in offering a unique product that defies easy description regarding its many benefits. Please allow us to explain:

  • Space Economics – keep your practice, work, and/or living space organized, clean and lean by professionally elevating your instruments. Floor stands take up space and add clutter to your otherwise dynamic jam zone. Get a Grip and give ‘em the slip!
  • What-if? Defense – don’t become a victim of mangled guitars at the hands of small children, pets, drunk friends, indoor tornadoes, or ghosts. Typical floor stands leave your instruments vulnerable to all kinds of damaging chaos. GuitarGrips are sturdy and will keep your axe in good hands so you can relax, knowing that your prized possessions will remain in tip-top playing shape.
  • Visual Contact + Easy Reach = Lots O’ Practice.
  • Ergonomics folks, It’s not complicated. Keeping your guitars where you can see them constantly AND they can be reached instantly is a great benefit to your daily practice regimen. You will notice the difference!
  • Good Vibes = Great Riffs.
    Artists, musicians, writers, and poets all have one thing in common- they are inspired (or uninspired) by their surroundings. Unlike traditional guitar hangers, adding a GuitarGrip to your wall will instantly change the vibe of any room, bringing an artistic, edgy appearance that can only contribute to your creative cause. We also recommend trippy posters and really loud stereo systems. Trippy posters and really loud stereo systems not included. Understanding neighbors not included. Void where prohibited.