Golden Ticket

The Guitar Grip Golden Ticket
As a show of appreciation to our valued customers we have begun a new contest. All purchases automatically stand a chance to win, as we will be randomly placing a special Golden Ticket in one randomly chosen out-bound box every month. This ticket is redeemable for any GuitarGrip up to $65.00 in value and we will even cover the shipping costs!* Upon discovering a golden ticket, the recipient must complete the following steps to receive his/her prize:
  • Show us yer mug! Take a picture of yourself holding up the ticket and give us a grin (or grimace, your choice). We’ll post the winner’s pic on the site each month.

  • Email your digital pic to so we can share it with the world. Speaking of sharing, we encourage winners to post the pics to social media sites of their choosing. But we’re like…not your mom and dad, so we can’t make you do it.

  • Mail the physical Golden Ticket to GuitarGrip** 743 Wing St Plymouth, MI. 48170
    Please include a clearly written or typed note informing GuitarGrip of which Grip you would like. Feel free to include your band name or artist name and we’ll give you a shout-out in the winner’s post on our website.
    Send in your golden ticket

      *GuitarGrip will cover shipping costs on Golden Ticket delivery up to $35.00. Shipping costs above and beyond $35.00 must be paid by the recipient.

      **No prize will be mailed until after the original ticket is received by GuitarGrip. You must mail us the ticket in order to receive the reward.