About Us

Here at GuitarGrip we like to think of our business model as equal parts imagination and elbow grease. But in reality, taking an original thought from concept to production involves a certain amount of creativity and a LOT of hard work. Yet we’re happy to do it, because we get to work together as a family to build a dream that we can share with the rest of the world. And who could ask for more?

As a group of musicians and artists, the idea for the first hand shaped guitar hanger came to us naturally: we’ve always enjoyed daydreaming about design, form, and function. The first prototype was sculpted over a kitchen sink, the first mold crafted in a living room. In the process, we reinvented the wall mounted guitar hanger by bringing an artist’s eye to the design table.

After working through an initial period of uncertainty and doubt, GuitarGrip officially launched in 2007 with the sale of our first Grip! Since then we have labored and watched our ideas evolve, re-examining and tweaking every step meticulously. As a collective, we design, manufacture, and market our products in-house, focusing on physical detail, artistic style and customer care in equal measures. We take client feedback seriously, and we have built systems to expedite delivery and ensure the highest quality musical accessories worthy of your trust and satisfaction.

For the past seven years sales have grown exponentially, and we have now sold GuitarGrips in over a dozen countries to rave customer reviews. Hailing proudly from the diverse and resilient musical culture of Detroit Rock City, we will continue chasing our dream, and we hope our Michigan-made brand will inspire you to work and play the way it inspires us.

The GuitarGrip Crew