Mummy Hand Guitar Hanger - Left Hand

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Inspiration is never far away

Love music. Play music. Write music. Center your axe with this breathtaking guitar hanger that’s not only a beauty to behold, but a solid inspiration for whoever gazes upon it. From your garage to the studio, this left-hand mummy hand guitar hanger captivates and inspires greatness in everyone – who would ever want to displease a hand this magnificent?



Every Guitar Grip features:

  • Cushioned insert to protect the neck of your guitar/bass/banjo or other.
  • Padded felt at the base to protect wall from damage.
  • Easy to install, with an embedded ¼ inch 20 count steel post.
  • Swivels to adjust for most styles of headstocks.
  • Standard mounting hardware included. Alternative mounting options

Currently available in left hand & right hand. 


Best Fit For My Instrument

left vs right hand which fits my guitar best


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