The Bare Essentials for Recording and Music Room Decor

May 18, 2017

For those of you that have put together a music room, or any space you may practice or show off your favorite guitars in, chances are you've considered recording some noise you've made with one of your hanging prized possessions. Turning a music room into a recording studio is much more affordable and attainable than you might think.
To convert your music room into a recording studio on the cheap and easy, you'll only need the essentials to make it happen. Here are just a few elements to make it possible to record right away:
  1.  Computer, a PC or laptop 
  2.  Digital audio workstation for editing, recording, and mixing 
  3.  Microphone
  4.  Wall hanger to hang your guitar or bass, perhaps a GuitarGrip Toxic Zombie
  5.  XLR cables for the microphone and monitors
  6.  Pop filter for omitting those harsh "b" and "p” sounds
  7.  Mic stand to hold your mic to your face or instrument
  8.  Studio monitors and headphones for varying playback experiences
  9.  A good song
The right elements for a proper recording studio can complement your music room decor. For further research check out this link from E-Home Recording Studio.
Recording booths are typically expensive and cumbersome. But, if you're feeling inspired and a little crafty, you could make your own for a reasonable price. Follow this simple video tutorial from Tracker Productions at 
Quality audio can be recorded for an affordable price on almost any budget, but a studio isn't complete until it's decked out in unique paraphernalia that screams YOU! That means trippy Hendrix posters, black lights, salt lamps, lava lamps, you name it. But a simple, iconic way to tweak the music room decor to your ideal aesthetic is to enlist assistance from a GuitarGrip guitar hanger; an expressive way to decorate your walls with color, edge, and style.
We believe music production is for everyone, from the novice learning chords in their bedroom, to the wanna be Rick Rubins’ of the world. You can write and record amazing music and do it in a space that you feel emphasizes and cultivates your unique style. 

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