Oh, It's a Guitar Hanger! - GuitarGrip at the MSU Art Fair

May 26, 2017

Oh it's a guitar hanger

Despite the drab weather, we had a great time selling our one-of-a-kind guitar hanger at the MSU Art Fair this weekend, in Lansing, MI. A number of people showed up to admire hundreds of hand made wears, textiles, pottery and more. Set ups for these shows can be a bit grueling at times, but the interactions we get to make with customers is priceless.

Our products are a little different, we get it. Some get the concept at first glance, others are perplexed, confused for a split second then declare, “Oh, it’s a guitar hanger!” We love the reactions and that’s what makes our guitar hanger so unique. You’ll get the same reception when you hang one in your home or studio. Check out GuitarGrips’ line of guitar hangers here.


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