Guitar Care for Beginners - The Importance of a Guitar Hanger

May 09, 2017 2 min read

Guitar hanger and guitar care for beginners

For those that have just discovered one of the mightiest instruments to ever grace earth's existence, the proper care and maintenance of an electric guitar may be a mystery, which may prove harmful to the longevity of the potentially thunderous axe you hold.

Detailed maintenance of an electric guitar will ensure its potential to screech, thump, chug, and drive for many deafening years to come. One simple step to the long life of a precious electric guitar is to hang it on the wall from a guitar hanger.

When learning to master the scales and chords of a six-string, learning the proper maintenance of the instrument may be just as important. Some of the most existential issues a guitar faces can be easily resolved by simply changing the way it is stored. Neck relief is the curve of the neck as it is exposed to changes in climate and the trials of travel, storage, and age. This issue may cause the neck to bow, resulting in a convex shaping of the neck. A convex curve produces buzzing in the frets, compromising the sound of your guitar, as well as an extra gap between the fretboard and strings. Depending on the amount of neck relief, your guitar may need some expert maintenance, which may become costly in the long run. We suggest this article from to get the low down on measuring neck relief.

Of course, we recommend hanging it from a guitar hanger when storing it at your home or music studio for the most comfortable resting place for the neck.

While the structural integrity of the guitar or bass is fundamentally important, the cosmetic integrity is paramount to preserving the aesthetic of the electric guitar. A Flying V must shine and impose itself, while a matte ESP looms in the shadows, droning from oblivion. The appearance is key to the performance. Regular cleaning of the finish and fretboard ensures a genuine polish to your instrument. has an indispensible list of tips on guitar care.

Electric guitars rely not only on the structural care to ensure the sound quality, additionally they rely on the care and treatment of their appearance to reinforce the aesthetic of the music they play. Accent the nurtured polish of the guitar with a GuitarGrip guitar hanger, such as the black metallic lefts or right, the metallic silver, or the antique pewter, copper, or brass. Each are sure to capture the raw power of an electric guitar.

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