Art Fairs and Guitar Hangers

May 11, 2017

Fair season has begun! This means setting up shop on the streets of small towns all over Michigan. These events give us the opportunity to present our guitar hangers to thousands of potential buyers throughout the spring, summer and fall season. 

What makes these experiences so unique from our every day operations is the one on one connections we get to make with the consumer. We get to witness their eyes brighten with wonderment as they grasp the concept of a hand shaped instrument hanger replacing the traditional guitar hanger or guitar stand. The reactions are priceless and always bring a smile to our faces. The terms we often hear we’ve dubbed the three C’s, creepy, cool and cute. 

Guitar Hangers at Art Festivals

These fairs are filled with original art, textiles and crafts, items that have appeal to almost anyone. However, every weekend we are amazed by the amount of people who either play guitar, own a guitar, or know someone who does. Folks young and old are thrilled to free up floor space by replacing the guitar stand with a hand shaped guitar hanger. And the thought of gifting the guitar player in their life a one of kind musical gift brings a smile to their face, and ours. 

Browse Festival Favorite Guitar Hangers

Come check us out!

MSU Spring Show                May 20th - 21st              East Lansing, MI
Art in the Sun                        June 16th - 18th             Northville, MI
Art in the Park                       July 7th - 9th                  Plymouth, MI
Wyandotte Street Fair           July 12th - 15th              Wyandotte, MI
Milford Memories                  Aug. 11th - 13th             Milford, MI
DIY Ferndale                         Aug. 22nd - 24th            Ferndale, MI
Northville Fall Fair                 Aug. 13th - 14th             Northville, MI
Tinsel and Treasures            Dec. 8th - 10th                Northville, MI


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